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California & Oregon
The USA is easily the second largest Pinot producing country in the world, led by California, whose Pinot industry I have been following closely since the late 1980s. Oregon has caught the international imagination though volumes are far smaller than in California. The talking point at the moment is how many Burgundians have established Oregonian connections: Drouhin began thirty years ago and more recently Jacques Lardière, Dominique Lafon, Jean-Nicolas Meo and Alexandrine Roy have all become involved in projects there.

I have yet to visit the beautiful Okanagan valley, or indeed Ontario, but I did have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Canadian Pinots in London in May. Wines from Averill Creek, Cedar Creek and Meyer Family (all British Columbia) along with Ontario’s Thomas Bachelder, Queylus and Norman Hardie all caught my interest. Report follows.


2 thoughts on “News from North America

  1. I’ve been following West Coast Pinot for some time, especially Oregon. Just returned from a trip this spring to OR, mostly small producers. The Pinot just seems to get better & better; of course, several excellent recent vintages have certainly helped. The one thing that really caught my attention this time were the wonderful Chards. This will be the varietal of the future. Not sure if the winemakers have the right Dijon clones now or if they are just getting betting at making Chards.

  2. Tom
    It is high time I got back to Oregon. Early on everybody was talking about Pinot Gris for the whites, so I need to catch up on Chardonnay progress.

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