Harvest update: Thursday Sept 14

Today the skies are grey and it has rained all morning. The storm clouds are gathering but the grapes are in – well not quite all, but the back has been broken of this much-needed abundant harvest. The first pickers could be seen from 24th August (more typically 28th) and the last will probably finish this weekend, the 17th of September.

Almost everybody is very happy, connected to the size of the crop. Interestingly, yields are moderate from the vineyards which didn’t get frosted last year, but very generous from those that did. Depending on the size of the crop in given vineyards, it was necessary to pick earlier or later and we may see some quality discrepancies in bottle in due course – I don’t suppose everything will have got properly ripe. This apart, there is no reason why both reds and whites should not be very good this year: sugar levels and acidity are where they should be, flavour profile and density to be discovered later.

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