Bourgogne Côte d’Or

Initially championed by Philippe Charlopin and Patrick Javillier more than 10 years ago, the designation Bourgogne Côte d’Or has at last seen the light of day. It can be declared from the 2017 vintage for wines from the Bourgogne appellation made within the boundaries of the viticultural villages from the Marsannay appellation down to Maranges.

This rights the perceived anomaly that a Bourgogne from a DGC (French) or CGD (English) – Complementary Geographical Description – such as Côte Chalonnaise or Hautes Côtes is ‘worth’ more than a Bourgogne which comes from land adjacent to one of the famous appellations of the Côte d’Or. Incidentally, another little twist has been added: whereas the department of the Côte d’Or has been named for the golden slopes, i.e the vineyards in autumn, the new geographical description has theoretically been chosen as it represents the east-facing slopes – Côte d’Or(ient).

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